LUXEMBOURG, LU — 18 January 2022: Nordea Asset Management (NAM) has received the 2022 ESG Champions award from MainStreet Partners, a London-based ESG advisory and portfolio analytics firm: Nordea 1 – Global Social Empowerment Fund was awarded Best Social Thematic Fund.

The ESG Champions awards recognise a select number of funds and asset managers that have excelled within a universe of 4,200 funds managed by over 160 asset managers. Fourteen awards were given across several broad categories spanning Equities, Fixed Income, Multi-Asset and Thematic investing.

Hilde Jenssen, Head of Fundamental Equities at Nordea Asset Management:

“We are honoured to be a recipient of this ESG Champions 2022 Award for Nordea 1 – Global Social Empowerment Fund. Capitalizing on our experience in ESG integration via the ESG STARS concept and Climate thematic solutions, we have launched this new fund focusing on the S in ESG. We are pleased to see that this solution has been recognized for its efforts in addressing social issues and creating positive change around that theme.”

Nordea 1 – Global Social Empowerment Fund is a uniquely positioned thematic global equity solution aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The investment team takes a fundamental, bottom-up, high-conviction approach with integrated ESG research and a focus on quality companies that provide social solutions, create a positive impact, and generate sustainable shareholder value.

Neill Blanks, Research Director at MainStreet Partners:

“Since 2008 MainStreet Partners has implemented a structured process using a robust proprietary methodology to evaluate a fund’s ESG and Sustainability level. This holistic methodology was created to help investors identify genuine stable investments across asset classes and to avoid greenwashing.”